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Tableau Top Tip: Accessing your colour palettes without a dimension or measure

This is a quick tip I use regularly in my working day, to allow me to apply our corporate colour palette to a chart, even when the chart doesn’t have any dimension or measure on the colour mark.

Here is why I find it so useful….. if you create a basic bar chart and put a dimension on rows and measure on columns you will get a bar chart. Now what happens if you want to colour the bar by one of your pre-defined colours within a Tableau colour palette? Computer says no. You don’t have a measure value or dimension on the colour mark and as such you only get access to the select colour window….. but I want my colour palettes, and I want them now!

Fear not, you can access your colour palettes by putting a ‘dummy’ value onto colour, for instance double click the marks window and entering ‘Dummy’ or ‘Colour Me’ (this text could be anything) as a pill, it will automatically be placed onto the detail marks card. Take this pill and drop it on colour. Now when you select colour, you will have access to your Tableau colour palettes, as defined in your Tableau preference file.

Gone will be the days you have to constantly remember hex codes or manually select the same colour again and again and again. A simple tip, but one that saves me some precious time during a busy day.

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