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Actions: Multi-selecting worksheets

This week I was working on a Tableau dashboard that consisted of 12 individual worksheets. I needed to apply actions so that when a user clicked on worksheet 1 it updated worksheet 3 but not worksheets 2 or 4 through 12. I started by merrily deselecting each worksheet, clicking each one individually and thinking ‘this is going to take me ages, I have to do this for 8 dashboards in my workbook’.

Then I realised something cool, simple, but cool; if I hold down the left mouse button and ‘lasso’ all the worksheets I need to deselect, Tableau highlights those worksheets.

I can then click on the toggle button for one of the selected worksheets and Tableau un-ticks or ticks all of the worksheets you have highlighted.

This might not be the most innovative #BestNewTableauSkill but it certainly is going to be one of the most useful in terms of saving me time when building dashboards in the future.

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