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enjoyment, or light hearted pleasure

If you asked many of us why we participate in the Tableau community, why we explore data, why we share our creations with others; I would imagine many of us would say it is because we enjoy it. It makes us smile to celebrate the creativity, growth and success of others. To do so is fun.

We are only eleven days into 2020 and there has already been so much to celebrate;

I could go on and on, the community genuinely inspires me every day; however, alongside these rays of sunshine there has have also been growing clouds of discontent, of conflict.

Yes, I could write a post sharing my personal views relating to these challenges and conflicts, however, I am deliberately choosing not to. I recognise not everyone will agree with my reflections and I do not wish to start another debate on who is right and who is wrong. Each of us will hold our own beliefs and I am choosing not to judge them. Rather I am choosing to use my efforts and my words to unite us in something I hope we can all agree on; life is better when we have fun. Life is better when we smile. Our community is better when we are all smiling. When we are having fun, together.

I am not asking for us all to agree on everything. I am not attempting to quell debate or discussion. I passionately believe the diverse voices in our community make us all stronger and help us to grow. There will always be disagreement, we are all passionate individuals; but even during times of disagreement I believe it is within us all to reflect and to take a step back, to attempt to diffuse the situation, or to move it to a private medium. So, my ask, my plea, is when we share, when we participate, when we discuss, can we do so with a smile, with the intent to enable enjoyment amongst others; for us all to have fun. I know it is not going to solve all of our woes, but I genuinely think we will all be better if we live life in our community like every day was a Tableau Conference day.

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