#IronVizLearning - Dual axis labelling with Index()

Welcome to the 2nd post in my #IronVizLearning blog series, where I share what I learned during the 2020 Health and Wellbeing #IronViz global feeder (you can access the first post here). I will continue to share short posts focusing on specific design / functional techniques with the series culminating in a larger post, sharing my overall design approach for the viz. In this post I focus on the explorer chart at the foot of my Human Development Index visualiation. The explore

#IronVizLearning - Simplifying Your Date Axis

For the last 4 weeks the #Datafam has been busy! Busy creating 370 diverse and inspiring #IronViz visualisations as part of the 2020 global health and wellbeing feeder. It would be wrong of me to start an #IronViz blog post without recognising this and saying a massive congratulations to everyone who participated. If the other 369 participants are anything like me, they would have learnt numerous new techniques along their #IronViz journey; some complex, some simple. For me c